Dienstag, 19.08.2014

Zu jeden EVS gehört es auch dazu am Ende einen YouthPass, quasi ein kleiner Lernbericht, zu schreiben. Das kann ganz verschieden Ablaufen: Man kann ihn als Freiwillige alleine schreiben, zusammen mit seinem Mentor oder Tutor oder es kann wie in meinem Fall laufen, dass er von einer Projektmitarbeiter in meinem Projekt geschrieben wird. Sie hat sich im Vorfeld natürlich mit einigen Erziehern, der Sozialarbeiterin und meiner Mentorin ausgetauscht. Da ich es wohl selbst am meisten Wahrgenommen habe was ich genau gelernt habe, habe auch ich meine Meinung dazu geschrieben. Alles in allem wurde es ein, wie ich finde, sehr passendes Bericht über all das was ich im vergangenem Jahr gemacht und gelernt habe.


Viel Spaß beim Lesen,

eure Krissi


Communication in mother tongue

During her stay in Bethel’s Kristine Dimitriou was helping a 9 years old Estonian boy at his school work in German language, also teaching German’s children song to smaller kids, therefore using her mother tongue during her voluntary service and developing her own teaching skills as well as foreign language skills of Estonian and Russian children.


Communication in foreign language

Kristine started to study Estonian language with language book and CD on her own already in Germany, before her service in Estonia. At the beginning of her service time she also took part of Estonian language courses (35 lessons) and after a year in Bethel’s she is capable to understand and speak Estonian on daily bases level. As most of children in Bethel’s come from Russian speaking families, she also can understand and communicate in Russian language. However, mostly used language for Kristine in Bethel’s and in Estonia during her spare time was English, which has notably improved her English.

Kristine is capable to learn a lot by observing and expressing herself by body language.


Digital competence

Kristine developed her digital competence by using computer and Internet daily for using an Internet blog to share moments with her friends and family and searching for information and events in Estonia

Kristine also got to know Estonian E-school system and learned to use it (to look up child’s homework etc.)


Learning to Learn

On her time for practice, Kristine was very helpful, creative, and active; she was very eager and interested in helping children and youngsters. Despite of the fact, there was a language barrier, she got very good contact with Bethel’s children as well as with workers. She helped children with their school work, took 5 year old child to Bethel’s from kindergarten daily. Kristine helped to take children out to different events, took part of different activities (artistic, sportive, picnics, excursions etc) and camping-trips. She also took part of home visits with social worker and she helped to make food packets for suffering families and homeless people; she helped to give out packets of food and humanitarian aid.

Kristine adjusted very quickly in new environment, she got a good learning experience on the social field, working with children with lesser possibilities, also helping in work with whole risk group families, taking part of home visits to see the homely situation of families living in poverty; she supported Bethel’s social workers in their daily work to help children and people in need (also homeless people), in that way she got the experience of different fields of social work.

Voluntary Service in Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care gave her a good learning experience about the work in different cultural environment as well as she took part of the integration process between young Russian and Estonian children. She got to know different cultures, nationalities.


Social and civic competence

After recognising some problems and exchanging ideas with others, Kristine was able to speak out her own opinion and give some new ideas how to make changes in some issues and how realise her own ideas. Kristine acknowledged the importance of communication between whole Bethel’s team and workers, brought out her own ideas how to change the communication for better between 20 workers who are speaking different languages and working in different shifts.


Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

Kristine was showing her initiative and adaptability daily since she arrived Bethel’s. She always noticed if, where and what was needed to do; she has a great sense of empathy and positivity, she got great contact with children and youngsters and therefore became a personal supportive person to several of Bethel’s children.

As she notices needs around her, she always has ideas and shows initiative in news positive ways. Kristine always consulted with workers in Bethel’s before starting different activities on her own initiative with children – handicraft and cooking lessons, games outdoors and different kind of educational activities. She has great ability to organise different events for children in different ages.


Cultural awareness and expression

Kristine built up and international circle of friends (mostly also volunteers), she learned a lot about the history and culture of different countries, which has strengthened her feelings for Europe.


Other specific skills

During her voluntary service in Bethel’s Kristine also met lot of Bethel’s work’s supporters and friends, which also gave her new good ideas for her own life to change the world for better:

- Inviting a child from Bethel’s for a holiday in Germany

- Making decisions with the heart

Kristine learned to accept things she can’t change and to stand up for the things she can change. She realised how important it is to know about the background of every child, but not to stay sad about it, but find positive ways to help and support each child. Kristine knows how important it is to spend time separately with a child, give them attention, support and stand next to them whenever one needs her.

She made a great progress being a positive example to others by starting activities. She has understood the importance of the smile – something we all do in the same language. Kristine has incredibly positive attitude and great sense of humour, which has helped very many children through difficult times, as well as the team of workers in Bethel’s.


Volunteer’s tasks:

to get contact and trustful relationship with children at risk, to be supportive person to children

• assist children with school work,

• take them out to different events,

• organise different activities (artistic, sportive, picnics etc),

• take part of camping-trips, outings

• take part of home visits

• make food packages for risk group families and homeless people and help to distribute packages

• to be creative to fill children’s spare time in educational, playful and exiting ways